Selected work


The 2020 Front Page Award for Special Reporting on the Environment from The Newswomen’s Club of New York for “The misbegotten promise of anaerobic digesters” (The Counter, 2019)


Hiking & backpacking

Crowded peaks? Not on this little-known trail in the Adirondacks
National Geographic (2020)

On the Northville-Placid Trail (Photo: Jessica McKenzie)

A 40-Mile, Quarantime Hike Through New York City
Backpacker (2020)

You, Too, Can Be a ‘Thru-Hiker’
The New York Times (2019)

FOod & Agriculture
An indoor basil farm (Photo: Square Roots)

What does a vertical farm taste like?
The Counter (2020)

What happens if we eliminate crop insurance altogether?
The Counter (2019)

If crop insurance rewarded conservation practices, would more farmers go no-till?
The Counter (2019)

Soybeans (Photo: Luke Townsend)

The explosive dominance of soy over a century went unnoticed by most Americans—except for those growing it
The Counter (2018)

Nature & The Environment

From Meadow to Marsh, Habitats May Take a Hit During Pandemic
Audubon (2020)

How to Grow a Bug-Friendly Garden Absolutely Anywhere
Lifehacker (2019)


Patricia Highsmith’s Uncommon Empathy for Animals
Tenderly (2019)

Stop & Shop now has big, goofy-looking robots patrolling its aisles. What, exactly, is the goal?

Detroit’s Foreclosure Crisis and the Need for ‘Information Justice’
CityLab (2017)

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