Selected Writing


Regenerative agriculture could save soil, water, and the climate. Here’s how the U.S. government actively discourages it. —March 14, 2019 [The New Food Economy]

The explosive dominance of soy over a century went unnoticed by most Americans—except for those growing it. —December 12, 2018 [The New Food Economy]

Carbon farming isn’t worth it for farmers. Two blockchain companies want to change that —June 4, 2018 [The New Food Economy]

Why blockchain won’t fix food safety—yet —February 4, 2018 [The New Food Economy]


How to Grow a Bug-Friendly Garden Absolutely Anywhere —April 4, 2019 [Lifehacker]

Citizen Science

New Spill Tracker Enlists Crowd to Help Monitor Pollution After Hurricanes —September 11, 2017 [Civicist]

Zooniverse Project Builder Is Like WordPress For Plug-and-Play Citizen Science —May 6, 2016 [Civicist]

NASA Partners With iSeeChange on Citizen-Science Climate Project —January 7, 2016 [Civicist]

Environmental Activism

How the Crowd Could Help Keep Zinke Accountable —August 7, 2017 [Civicist]

Peoples Climate March Revives Platform for Distributed Organizing —April 17, 2017 [Civicist]

In Ecuador, Waorani Communities Use Open-Source Tools to Collaboratively Map Their Territory —March 31, 2017 [Civicist]

The People’s Climate: From March to Movement —October 14, 2015 [Civicist]

The Unfinished Business of the People’s Climate March —May 20, 2015 [Civicist]

Open Data & Transparency

Hearing on Algorithmic Transparency Reveals Rift in NYC Tech Community —October 19, 2017 [Civicist]

How the NYC Commission on Human Rights Uses Open Data Against Discriminatory Landlords —July 13, 2017 [Civicist]

Detroit’s Foreclosure Crisis and the Need for ‘Information Justice’ —March 8, 2017 [CityLab]

In Texas, a Model For Sharing Open Water Data —April 13, 2016 [Civicist]

Privacy & Surveillance

Stop & Shop now has big, goofy-looking robots patrolling its aisles. What, exactly, is the goal? —June 10, 2019 [The New Food Economy]

Soon we’ll use smartphones to trace our food on the blockchain. But there’s a catch: We’ll be traced, too. —July 19, 2018 [The New Food Economy]

A Sanctuary City for Data Privacy? —April 25, 2017 [Civicist]

The Uncertain Future of India’s Plan to Biometrically Identify Everyone —August 28, 2014 [techPresident]

Tech & Politics

Beware of Google bearing gifts —April 12, 2019 [The Conversationalist]

Testing Tech for Consensus in a Purple Town —March, 30, 2018 [Civicist]

What’s So Hard About Peace, Love, and Text Notifications About Upcoming Elections? —March 14, 2016 [Civicist]

Civic Tech

Good Tech, Bad Tech —May 17, 2018 [Civicist]

Loveland’s Labor’s Lost: Detroit’s Dubious Civic Tech Champions —March 15, 2017 [Civicist]

Recharging the Brigade: Code for America’s Challenge —July 21, 2016 [Civicist]